ProcureCon Marketing 2017

November 28-November 30, 2017

New Orleans Marriott, LA


Reports & Studies

Incorporating Should-Cost Modeling and Fixed Fee Multipliers into Your Agency Compensation Negotiation

Have you been paying significantly higher fees to your agencies over the past few years? Are your agency fees per FTE increasing at an alarming rate? If you’ve been involved with agency compensation negotiations, you likely have witnessed a spike in agency fees, blended hourly rates, effective commission rates and digital fees -- and less agency transparency covering the economics on your account.

This White Paper will help explain the new phenomenon, and the steps we believe marketers must take to ensure “fair and equitable” compensation and “open book” costing for leveling the agency compensation playing field.

Clarity In The Face of Chaos - 2016 Media & AV Insights Report

How do you compare to your peers? From emerging trends and insights into the industry’s top priorities, to companies’ plans for the future, the findings in TeamPeople’s 2016 Media & AV Insights Survey report will surprise you.
How are the impact of disruptive technology and the challenge of skills shortages in the communications, media and AV sector affecting your organization? 

How to apply Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement and Agency Management

In this eBook, Decideware looks at the upcoming area of Business Intelligence/Data Analytics and specifically how it can be applied to marketing procurement and agency management decisions. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of efficiently collecting data 
  • Why data visualization is so vital
  • The benefits of dashboards
  • 10 steps you should take to get started

They also look at pragmatic case studies of how this theory is being applied in the agency management domain, examining two critical areas: Scope of Work and Agency Performance Evaluation processes.

Gaining Richer Insights in Africa: How Helped Unilever to Revolutionize Their Approach to Market Research

As the demand for meaningful insights increases, budgets tighten and time becomes more scarce, researchers are looking for new alternatives to traditional market research. Where previously, researchers would spend weeks of their time and hundreds of thousands of dollars to connect with their consumers, today they are able to gather the same quality insights for a mere fraction of the cost using the platform. Additionally, regions and consumers that were previously inaccessible, like those across Africa, are now within reach, promoting access to richer and more diverse insights. As technology changes the landscape of research, is proud to partner with Unilever to lead the way in generating powerful and meaningful insights.

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