ProcureCon Marketing 2018

November 12-November 14, 2018

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA


Whitepapers and Reports


Without a Clear Plan, Your Media Will Never Be Transparent nor Accountable

There has been a recent surge of demand for accountability and transparency in media. Unfortunately, many marketers cannot deliver on this expectation because they’re missing essential building blocks in their marketing technology stack. Most marketing systems lack the ability to set clear objectives and to report variance from these objectives. This is a basic requirement of any media investment management system. A media investment management system has three fundamental capabilities - find out more here!

Execution Is Everything: Introduction To InnerWorkings

Executives at large enterprises are constantly looking for smart opportunities to save money and simplify the execution of their operational and marketing assets. Our business model, powered by our proprietary VALO® technology platform, disrupts the status quo. More than 10,000 suppliers compete in real-time to win our clients’ business in more than 80 countries, 37 currencies, and 15 languages. Employees, clients, and suppliers tap into the same central platform to source, produce, monitor, and analyze all aspects of the marketing supply chain.

Incorporating Should-Cost Modeling and Fixed Fee Multipliers into Your Agency Compensation Negotiation

Have you been paying significantly higher fees to your agencies over the past few years? Are your agency fees per FTE increasing at an alarming rate? If you’ve been involved with agency compensation negotiations, you likely have witnessed a spike in agency fees, blended hourly rates, effective commission rates and digital fees -- and less agency transparency covering the economics on your account.
This White Paper will help explain the new phenomenon, and the steps we believe marketers must take to ensure “fair and equitable” compensation and “open book” costing for leveling the agency compensation playing field.

Clarity In The Face of Chaos - 2016 Media & AV Insights Report

How do you compare to your peers? From emerging trends and insights into the industry’s top priorities, to companies’ plans for the future, the findings in TeamPeople’s 2016 Media & AV Insights Survey report will surprise you.
How are the impact of disruptive technology and the challenge of skills shortages in the communications, media and AV sector affecting your organization? 

How to apply Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement and Agency Management

In this eBook, Decideware looks at the upcoming area of Business Intelligence/Data Analytics and specifically how it can be applied to marketing procurement and agency management decisions. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of efficiently collecting data 
  • Why data visualization is so vital
  • The benefits of dashboards
  • 10 steps you should take to get started

They also look at pragmatic case studies of how this theory is being applied in the agency management domain, examining two critical areas: Scope of Work and Agency Performance Evaluation processes.

Gaining Richer Insights in Africa: How Helped Unilever to Revolutionize Their Approach to Market Research

As the demand for meaningful insights increases, budgets tighten and time becomes more scarce, researchers are looking for new alternatives to traditional market research. Where previously, researchers would spend weeks of their time and hundreds of thousands of dollars to connect with their consumers, today they are able to gather the same quality insights for a mere fraction of the cost using the platform. Additionally, regions and consumers that were previously inaccessible, like those across Africa, are now within reach, promoting access to richer and more diverse insights. As technology changes the landscape of research, is proud to partner with Unilever to lead the way in generating powerful and meaningful insights.

eQ Journal Issue 2

Last year, Sappi launched eQ with the intent of providing you with something sorely lacking in our industry: clarity and confidence around sustainability. To help remedy this situation, we’ve been shifting the dialogue away from single attributes like PCW content and placing attention where it belongs: on the entire life cycle of paper.

Reports & Studies

Revenue Responsibility and the Evolving Role of External Procurement and Marketing Capabilities

As marketing teams are increasingly held responsible for revenue, they're turning to procurement teams to innovate the means by which they achieve key business objectives. In this benchmark report, we explore how procurement teams can align with marketing goals to exceed corporate fiscal expectations. You will discover:

  • Solutions for achieving executive approval of marketing initiatives
  • The best applications for business process outsourcing (BPO) in marketing
  • The alignment of print procurement and creative execution


ProcureCon Marketing 2017 Preliminary Attendee List

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Energy and Utility Procurement Whitepaper

Benchmark White Paper: Energy and Utility Procurement

Utility bills are in the top 5 categories of spending for many companies. The following report provides tangible benchmark information that will help you in developing a more strategic approach to managing energy to drive savings. Topics for discussion and takeaways include:

  • How to approach energy procurement and management based on your organization's energy needs?
  • Is it beneficial to engage third parties in managing utility bill payments and auditing your energy programs?
  • Considerations to tackle the enrgy demand side as well as supply to drive savings.

Broadening the CPO Mandate - Whitepaper

White Paper: Broadening the CPO Mandate Through Procurement BPO

In every discussion we have regarding extending the scope of procurement’s responsibility, chief procurement officers (CPOs) face the same three questions:

  • How will your customers and procurement staff collaborate?
  • Do your procurement professionals have sufficient category expertise to add value?
  • Are there enough skilled procurement professionals within the team to handle the volume of buying?
Until recently, the answers to these questions have been routine: policy, process, technology, hiring, and training. However, the reality of execution is more complex.

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Generation X & Y Benchmark Study

ProcureCon's Generation X & Y Benchmark Study provides compelling insights to the charachteristic dynamics of the two groups, of their interaction with the baby boomers and draws, often surprising, conclusions of how these interactions work.

Compiled in consultation with the ProcureCon Advisory Board, Jeff Ariz (PG&E) and Julianne Nachtrab (Agile-1) by Carina Kuhl (ProcureCon).

Volvo on Marketing and Procurement

One of the most challenging aspects of managing the spend of a conglomerate like Volvo is making sure that the company stays ahead of the game with initiatives centered around cost reduction and revenue generation. “We’re not just out there trying to reduce, to contain, or trying to avoid cost anymore,” says Randy Clark, Senior Strategic Buyer, Segment Owner-Operating Fluids, Volvo Group. “We’re out there trying to create supply chains that bring revenue to the table.”

But it's only one of the many elements dealt with when attempting to deliver as a successful procurement professional, a challenging but important piece that more and more global corporations are grappling with. Clarke sees a need for consistent dialogue with marketers, the ability make adjustments and improve on marketing spend and conversely, learn from the team to make sure that the money invested in the strategy is money well spent.

In Part I of our two-part Q&A, Clark explains how investing in a good marketing spend strategy today will increase your companies’ revenue tomorrow. Stay tuned for Part II, where he discusses the technology used to achieve the ROI you’ve been looking for as a procurement pro in 2013.

LiveWorld on How To Scale Social

Author: Peter Friedman

Social media marketing for companies in regulated industries poses special challenges – challenges such companies can, and should, face if they wish to remain competitive. Drawing on our experience at LiveWorld, working with major brands in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors, in this article you will read some of the best practices to create highly engaging social conversations at scale while minimizing legal risk.

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2016 State of Marketing Procurement

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Enabling Marketing Excellence Through Procurement Best Practice

Marketing and procurement are well suited to benefit from each other, with procurement gaining critical opportunity to demonstrate value creation, and marketing gaining back to their bottom line, allowing them to do more. In a new report with Charterhouse, ProcureCon interviews several leading procurement executives alongside fresh benchmark data, diagnosing both the struggles and best practices of marketing procurement today. The report touches on:
- Improving alignment between key stakeholders on both teams
- Maintaining strong cost controls
- Getting involved earlier in the decision making process to build value

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ProcureCon Indirect East 2015 Benchmark Report

Containing proprietary benchmark data gathered on-site at ProcureCon Indirect East 2015, this report covers the very latest developments changing procurement's structure in 2015. the report gives in-depth analysis around:
-Shifting organization of departments
-The technology supporting the most effective Centers of Excellence
-The hiring trends sculpting the future of procurement teams

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Agency Compensation Whitepaper

How Procurement Can Deliver More Effective Agency Compensation
By Al Roehl, President StepAhead Consultancy

There has been a lot written about agency compensation. Most of it deals with trends, the pros and cons of different types of agency compensation systems, principles or best practices.

The briefing provides a “How To” roadmap for understanding and getting to a more effective “fee based” deal (as opposed to media commissions) with your agencies.

This “How To” guide is based on the knowledge generated from applying best practice behaviors (and avoiding destructive ones) to hundreds of agency and client compensation agreements across many different client types, agency types, deal structures, and geographies representing both clients and agencies.

Reports & Studies

The 2016 ProcureCon Indirect East Benchmark Report

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The 2016 edition of the ProcureCon Indirect East Benchmark Report is here! This report, produced in cooperation with Bidenergy, SAP Ariba, and Software Asset Advisors, covers cutting edge topics for procurement including:

  • Cutting into non-managed, one-off buying behaviors
  • Managing negotiations and avoiding audits by software giants
  • Developing new category management strategies for energy

CPO Study 2015: Gauging the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement Officers

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This research study allows the reader to analyse the Priorities and Goals of Chief Procurement Officers! They discuss the following topics:

  • Where is procurement headed?
  • The next generation of procurement talent
  • Managing contractor relationships and minimizing risk
  • How technology is evolving
  • The rise of SaaS solutions
  • What is causing disruption around procurement?

Growing procurement’s role in travel and meetings management

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WBR Digital have come together with etouches to bring you this benchmark report on the growing role of travel and meetings management in procurement. Check out the report to learn more on the following: 

  • As the procurement function grows into a centralized, empowered function within many businesses, travel and meetings are increasingly coming under its horizon.
  • Challenges around gaining a firm mandate and proving the value of procurement’s involvement are front-of-mind for teams managing the category
  • In many cases, procurement lacks the ability to tie its operations to ROI present in other managed indirect spend categories

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