ProcureCon Marketing 2021 Blog

Reducing the Agency Footprint and Facilitating In-House Capability

A formal assessment of marketing spending is usually the first step that can be taken to identify areas where agency costs can be pared back. It is also important to gather the data on spending that could eventually be used to make the case for enhancing in-house capabilities.

Can Marketing and Procurement Unite To Transform Organizations?

Marketers today are under pressure to keep pace with the expectations of their customers, all while going above and beyond to deliver innovative and memorable campaigns. This requires flexibility and access to the cutting-edge tools required to deliver personal feeling campaigns across all of the markets they serve.

How To Manage Brand Safety In Today’s Digital Advertising Environment

Brand safety is a risk reduction strategy typically associated with advertising, and with programmatic ad buying more specifically. No company wants their digital ads showing up next to vulgar or offensive content, nor do they want their brand associated with fringe political content.

How The Agency Model Can Adapt to the New Era of Digital Marketing

The agency model isn't dead; it's just evolving. Here's how technology and the rise of the gig economy is changing how brands procure marketing services.

Addressing ROI and Transparency in Agency Compensation Management

Any procurement professional, CMO, or agency executive will tell you that organizations across industries are demanding a better ROI from their marketing procurement strategies. This has put pressure on the entire marketing procurement apparatus, as well as on agencies themselves.

How To Benchmarking Your Marketing Suppliers Based on Cost & Quality

Procurement professionals can use marketing benchmarking data for a number of purposes, whether they are looking for additional leverage before entering negotiations with an agency, attempting to set standards with an existing marketing supplier, or simply analyzing the current field of marketing options.

Developing an Effective Scope of Work Program with Marketing Suppliers

There are numerous benefits to developing a robust scope of work program to govern marketing relationships. For one, it enables the organization to specify what outcomes they expect from the marketing supplier's labor. It also proves the supplier with clear guidance around what work it so to be performed

Valvoline and Heineken Explain How They Leverage BPO to Deliver on Marketing's Revenue KPIs

We explore the business strategies your peers are using to better understand BPO trends in procurement.

How to Incorporate Programmatic Media Buying Into Your Procurement Strategy

The growth of spend in programmatic is naturally attracting a lot of attention from procurement, who is poised to take a leadership role in defining the strategic approach.

How to Maximize Marketing Value through Smarter Alignment with Procurement

Marketing is often the largest indirect-spending category for many organizations

How to Use Automation to Optimize Procurement Processes

Marketing procurement teams continue to be measured on how efficiently and effectively they are able to drive costs down or out

How AI Can Help Solve Some of the Biggest Challenges in Procurement

Procurement technology vendors are developing solutions that bring AI into the realms of advanced strategic reasoning and strategic sourcing