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A Guide to Better Ad Creative Asset Management

This Guide to Better Creative Asset Workflow offers several different angles all pointing to the same conclusion—the time is now to transform how the creative is matched to all the different media placements required to reach consumers today. This content was first published by the Association ofNational Advertisers (ANA) and is collected here to inspire you to see how easy this evolution is and the widespread benefits of a single creative asset supply chain for all internal and external teams involved in campaign execution.

Case Study: Carvana

In just six years, Carvana has built a brand that has sold 100k+ sold cars, generated $1B+ in revenue, and, most importantly, turned a dreaded experience into one that is fun, easy and enjoyable. By partnering with Boundless, Carvana has not only brought their brand to life by merging the digital with the physical, but they have built a brand that their customers and employees love to support.

Discover the Key Drivers of Inflation in ECI Media Management’s Inflation Report Update

ECI Media Management’s Inflation Report Update provides updates to our annual Inflation Report (published at the beginning of the year), so advertisers continue to have the information they need to make informed decisions at their fingertips. Our experts have their fingers on the pulse of the media industry, harnessing their data analysis expertise to understand how media inflation has evolved over the first three quarters of 2019, and provide context and actionable insights.

Change The Agency Paradigm: Rethinking Agency Selection

The pursuit of marketing excellence does not require the acceptance of the inefficiency that’s often part and parcel of agency conglomerates. In this eye-opening assessment, Steve Woods (CEO/President of TideSmart Global) offers insight into how procurement professionals can avoid falling prey to common assumptions when approaching the task of selecting an agency partner – and save their companies considerably in the process.

Evergreen Trading Podcast with Brett Colbert

As ProcureCon Marketing approaches, we thought it would be perfect timing to talk to one of the pioneers of Marketing sourcing, Brett Colbert. The topic on which Brett and I spoke was the relationship between Marketing and Procurement/Sourcing. When I asked Brett for the name for the topic, he wrote back, “Marketing and Strategic Sourcing: Are we friends yet?” As someone who has enjoyed a remarkable career in both Marketing and later, in Procurement, Brett shared his unique perspective on how these two seemingly distant corporate disciplines can not only coexist but thrive as a partnership. One of the more insightful moments of the podcast was when Brett explained what Marketing can learn from Sourcing, and then what Sourcing can learn from Marketing.

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