ProcureCon Marketing 2019

November 18 - 20, 2019

Hyatt Regency Austin, TX


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Marketing Procurement: The Secret Sauce

Marketing procurement demands a specific and nuanced approach. In order to gain the most effective value during sourcing and build working relationships with Marketing, Noosh and ProcureCon have laid out the "secret sauce" that you need in order to succeed. Based on our highly engaging and informative webinar, this report will give you all the insights from the live presentation in a scannable format. Grab your free copy now by clicking the report cover!

Clarity In The Face of Chaos - Media & AV Insights Report

Senior media & AV executives are managing a wide array of priorities this year. The largest proportions of the audience will continue to address cost savings and business process improvement, however, many also refer to talent and technical challenges they are expecting ot face in the coming twelve months. Download the full report from TeamPeople to learn more!

Brand Safety: More Than Digital Media

The emergence of brand safety in digital marketing has advertisers and media buyers perplexed and searching for answers. On the one hand, digital media advertising is on the rise. On the other hand, there is a legitimate concern for challenges posed by ads that appear alongside material that may be considered offensive to some. While the focus on content placement is a legitimate concern for brands, it is not the only consideration marketers face.

MSIGHTS Smooths Agency Transitions for Major Telecom Company

Ten years ago, one of the largest telecom providers in the U.S. engaged MSIGHTS to help the company prepare for an agency transition. The agency-independent MSIGHTS SWAT team was able to secure all their data prior to the changeover, ensuring a smooth changeover with no loss of data or productivity. Since then, the company has switched its agency of record two more times. Each time, MSIGHTS has been there to keep their marketing data flowing undisrupted.

Cloud Based Ad Management

It is no surprise that viewership is expanding to include not only live linear programing on the TV but also time-shifted viewing and multi-device viewing from multiple platforms. As content providers adapt their content delivery for the shift in viewership, they must also address monetizing and tracking in this disparate era. For ad-supported content, this often means dynamically inserting ads into set-top box (STB) video on demand (VOD) or digital outlets.This paper and presentation will detail how a centrally-managed ad library — where all content providers can participate — can reduce complexities in ad management, VOD ad insertion, and dynamic ad insertion for different content types. It standardizes quality control, it streamlines tracking, and it reduces the time to execute campaigns.

The Evolving Marketing Landscape

If you’re a procurement professional tasked with selecting an experiential agency, and you happen to be reading this from the confines of your office, seek an open space immediately. There’s an elephant in the room. THE EVOLVING MARKETING LANDSCAPE For decades, company leaders demanded impressions, and procurement partners dutifully sought out agencies to reach the masses. Big agencies offered big brands “one-stop shopping” – and the budgets to match – and an industry was created, one with its own language (CPM, DMA, AOR) and related procurement practices. Both endure today, even as today’s marketers seek increasingly specialized solutions and are presented with new options.

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