ProcureCon Marketing 2018

November 12-November 14, 2018

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA




Zorch is a Branded Merchandise distributor with a focus on corporate programs.  Founded in 2002, Zorch saw an opportunity to reinvent the roles a distributor plays by helping large organizations gain ease of process, savings, and brand protection.  With a supply chain model like no other, Zorch quickly became recognized by Fortune 500 organizations, industry leading suppliers, and embraced by top marketing agencies.

Marketing and Procurement look to Zorch when they want to:

  • Enhance process and operate with a transparent Supply Chain
  • Lower overall program management costs
  • Eliminate inventory risk
  • Reduce unit prices 
  • Decrease shipping costs 
  • Improve communication and reduce order errors
  • Consolidate multiple vendor spend
  • Protect their most valuable asset – their brand

Zorch continues to grow exponentially in the Branded Merchandise market.  By utilizing technology we have streamlined an otherwise antiquated process.  We are committed to program improvement by offering a transparent solution that connects buyers to suppliers, and have developed an On-Demand model that provides a flexible product offering and an innovative solution to brand protection.  

The result?  A long lasting relationship. 

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